Weekly Information & Events


Michaelston :-      tba.

Machen :-           Wednesday 20th, February 2019  at 7 pm.

Rudry :-               Wednesday 15th, January 2019 at 6.30 pm

Bedwas :-             Thursday 21st, February 2019 at 4.15 pm at St. Thomas’

9.30am.          Michaelston y Fedw         Service with Holy Communion

10.00am.         St. John’s                            Eucharist

7.00pm.          St. Barrwg’s                        Service with Holy Communion

10.00am.         St. Thomas’                         Eucharist (with healing)

10.00am.         St. Barrwg’s                         Toddlers

Sunday 9th, December 2018                                      Second Sunday of Advent

9.30am                      St. James’                                             Rudry

10.00am                    St. John’s                                              Machen

11.15am                    St. Michael’s                                         Michaelston y Fedw

11.15am                    St. Thomas’                                           Bedwas

11.15am                    St. Michael’s                                         Lower Machen

Sunday 16th, December                                                 Third Sunday of Advent.

9.30 am                    St. James’                                              Rudry

10.00 am                   St. John’s                                               Machen

11.15 am                   St. Michael’s                                           Michaelston y Fedw

11.15 am                   St. Barrwg’s                                            Bedwas

11.15 am                   St. Michael’s                                           Lower Machen.

Advance Notices.

Sunday 23rd, December: (in addition to the usual services)

9.30 am St. James’ Rudry: Family Crib Service (in place of usual worship)

6.00 pm St. Michael’s & All Angels, Lower Machen : Carol Service

Monday 24th, December – Christmas Eve.

5.00 pm. St. John’s, Machen : Crib Service

5.00 pm. St. Thomas’, Trethomas : Crib Service

7.00 pm. St. James’ Rudry : Carol Service.

10.00 pm. St. John’s, Machen : Midnight Mass.

10.30 pm. St. Barrwg’s, Bedwas : Midnibht Mass.

11.00 pm. St. Michael’s, Michaelston y Fedw : Midnight Mass.

Tuesday 25th, December – Christmas Day.

9.00 am. St. Michael’s & All Angels,             Lower Machen :      Holy Eucharist

9.30 am. St. James’ ,                                      Rudry :                    Christmas Family Service

10.30 am. St. Thomas’ ,                                   Trethomas :            Christmas Family Service

11.30 am. St. Michael’s,                                   Michaelston :          Christmas Family Service.

Sunday 30th, December at St. Thomas’ , Trethomas at 10.30 am.

It is with great sadness that we have heard that Peter our Rector/Vicar has decided that due to continued ill is to retire. He will be very much missed. Peter will be retiring on January 31st, 2019 but will not return to work apart from a farewell service at the above date and venue.

This will be the only service in the Ministry Area on this day.

Please make every effort to attend to say goodbye to Peter.